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Florence WithGusto

You will never forget your first lampredotto

By Valentina Dainelli


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Florence WithGusto

You will never forget your first lampredotto

Valentina Dainelli


Publication date
July 2019

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Where to eat in Florence

This guide was written to tell you about Florence through Valentina’s eyes: breakfast with “pappa al pomodoro”, afternoon snack with bread, wine and sugar and dinner with “trippa alla Fiorentina”.
This guide is full of love: for Florence, its history, its food and its culinary traditions which explain its true essence, which luckily has not been destroyed yet by mass tourism. It’s a food guide that will lead you to authentic places, where you will be able to eat good food and enjoy Florence.

Only in this city: vinai and fiaschetterie

In every WithGusto guide you will find a selection of hidden gems that you can only find in a certain city. These locations reflect a specific cuisine, or a gastronomic vocation that reflects the tastes and culture of that place. Here in Florence we selected the best small shops where you can buy “mescita”, which means buying the wine by the glass or a fiasco. “Vinai” are those places where you drink a glass of wine and eat a sandwich, or “semellino” (this is how it was called the bread used by tripe sellers and vinai). We will give you the best recommendations for where to eat in Florence lampredotto and tripe but also for where to have aperitif with an amazing view from different hotel terraces.

Our tips: the bond between Florence and food

Florence has a stronger bond with food than you would expect. Just think that the construction of Brunelleschi’s Dome, the largest masonry dome ever built, is linked to a traditional recipe of Florentine cuisine, the Peposo. Also the birth of ice cream is linked to the monuments of Florence and the inventiveness of the famous Renaissance architect Bernardo Buontalenti. We have selected the must see secret spots in Florence.

One day trips: il Mugello

Mugello is one of the author’s favourite places and this is the reason why she decided to to guide you in this territory of vineyards and breath taking landscapes. It is located about thirty kilometres away from Florence. Mugello is above all the kingdom of “tortello di patate” and other delicacies of the territory, which are worth trying during a one day trip.

Must have dishes and events

If you are in a hurry or if you only have a weekend to visit a city, we tell you which are the must have dishes and where to eat them. Among them we selected: rice pudding, “schiacciata alla fiorentina”, “ribollita”, “carabaccia soup”, “peposo”, “finocchiona sandwich”, “zuccotto” and obviously the best places where to eat a tasty sandwich with tripe and “lampredotto”. We selected the most valid gastronomic events and we had a chat with a local and an expat, to explore the city from the point of view of someone that was born in Florence and someone who chose to move and live there.
We spoke with a journalist and gastronome from Florence, Leonardo Romanelli and a blogger and content editor from Texas, Georgette Jupe Pradier.

An interactive gastronomic map

In our Florence WithGusto guide you will find an online map to consult while on the road: each icon features a type of address, from breakfast to cocktails, to allow you to choose your favourite destination depending on where you are.

Who is Florence WithGusto for?

Florence WithGusto is the gastronomic guide for those who want to enjoy the most interesting spots of the city. We recommended all the locations and tips for those of you who are always hungry, ready to have good food and want to enjoy every moment of their trip.


Valentina Dainelli

Valentina Dainelli

Class 1980, colourful and definitely “way too much”. In 2011 my blog TooMuchTuscany was born, it is a place where I tell people about the region I was born and raised in. Two years ago I founded The Studio, a small Digital Agency in the green and lovely Mugello, where I’ve been living since 2011. I often find myself photographing things around Mugello or Tuscany, for TooMuchTuscany, but also for my clients, including the Tourism Office of the Union of the Mountain Municipalities of Mugello.