Siena WithGusto

The town with a medieval taste

By Giulia Scarpaleggia and Tommaso Galli


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Siena WithGusto

The town with a medieval taste

Giulia Scarpaleggia e Tommaso Galli


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July 2019

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Where to eat in Siena?

Siena has always been a town true to its traditions, that started re-inventing itself after the last economic crisis.
Forget about hipster bars and instagrammable places with a fake shabby chic vibe, here you can still find restaurants dug in tuff caves, ovens that mark the rhythm of the year with the alterage of sweets of tradition and a Christmas market in Piazza del Campo that with its atmosphere brings you several centuries back.
You start discovering Siena in the early morning, with the aroma of coffee that spreads for the medieval alleys. The Sienese have a weakness for the pastry, both at breakfast and at the end of a meal, and for the fritters of Piazza del Campo, but especially for the medieval sweets, which never go out of fashion here.
This guide is a journey in a land of trattorias and taverns, of vinai(places where wine is sold and where you can also have a bite of something) , of restaurants that carry on the local tradition: chopping of cheeses and sliced meats, pici, wild boar, Cinta Senese. Besides a proposal for more “basic” and “simple” everyday food, there are also fine dining proposals, where traditional cuisine is still present, but it becomes an expedient to arrive, play, to make new discoveries.

Tastings in the countryside

If you stay in Siena for more than a day, consider taking a trip in the hills covered by vineyards and olive groves that have been embracing it forever. We don’t suggest to go there just for the landscape: in every corner there are farms, farms where you can taste two of the most typical products of Siena, directly from the producer: good wine and olive oil directly from the oil mill.
We have selected the most interesting companies for your tastings.

Shopping in Siena

Cakes and biscuits, the ground stone flour from Val d’Orcia, the pasta of ancient grains of Floriddia, a farm in the hills around Volterra, the sauce for black croutons, with the same taste as the ones grandmothers make, the Russian salad and pesto, pecorino cheese from Pienza.
We selected the best shops in the center of Siena, the grocery stores that have more than one hundred years of history, butchers who have local meat and salami, and markets of the most valid producers.

Dishes not to be missed, events, interviews

If you are in a hurry or you are in town only for a weekend, in every guide we give you the dishes you can’t miss and where to eat them: here we have selected pappa al pomodoro, pici, Pecorino di Pienza, Cinta Senese, wild boar, buristo and soppressata, panforte , ricciarelli, the pan co’ santi and cavallucci.
We selected the most valid gastronomic events and we had a chat with a local and an expat, to explore the town from the point of view of who was born here and who chose to live here.
We spoke with the soul of the restaurant Il Campaccio in Botteganova, Ilaria Iannone, and a Polish chef, Monika Filipinska.

An interactive gastronomic map

In Siena WithGusto guide you will find an online map to consult while on the road: each icon features a type of address, from breakfast to cocktails, to allow you to choose your favorite destination depending on where you are in that moment.

Whom is Siena WithGusto for?

Siena WithGusto is the food guide for those who want to enjoy the most valid addresses in town: places non to be missed and tips for those who are hungry for good things at all times and intend to enjoy every moment of their trip.


Giulia Scarpaleggia and Tommaso Galli

Giulia Scarpaleggia and Tommaso Galli

We were born and raised in Tuscany. Giulia, who is a food writer and a food photographer, loves everything that revolves around food. Tommaso, the official taste tester, takes care of photography, video and social media. Our kitchen study is our window on the world: here we teach classes of Tuscan cuisine, for Italians and foreigners, we take pictures and study recipes. You can find us online on Juls’ Kitche, our blogthat in February 2019 turned 10 years old.